Does planning a vacation stress you out?

30 May

For some people planning the trip is almost as fun as taking the trip; however, some people get so stressed out from planning the trip they decide not even to take the trip. Let's face it, unless you can afford to have someone plan your trip and send your itinerary, planning a trip with children can be overwhelming. With the rising cost it can also be very stressful trying to plan your trip within a budget. What if there was a way that you could save money on your entire vacation? I know that may seem like a ridiculous question but sometimes people will pay more just for the convenience but they also pay more because they don't know where to find the best deals. There are many options in today's market that allow consumers to enjoy their favorite activities and still save money. Reality is that our lives are so busy now between work, kids and other obligations, people just don't have the time to sit and research for the best deals which results in them spending more than necessary. What if you could save up to 50% on the most expensive things of the trip? Would this allow you to take more than one vacation a year? The goal of this blog and website is to bring all of our readers and customers pertinent information on how you and your family can make every dollar count. 

Whether you have one child or five, I think we all have taken our children to a theme park at least once in their life. In my opinion, theme parks are a waste of hard earned money, although I am certainly not going to tell that to my child. We all want our kids to have a great childhood and have fond memories of family vacations. I am happy to announce that there is a way now to get theme park tickets (Disney, Universal, Sea World and more) at a huge discount. The best feature is that for a very minimal cost, you will have a full year membership to an exclusive members' only website where you can save up to 50% off theme park tickets nationwide. They make great gifts too! 

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